Web Presence 2.0

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Web Presence 2.0

A second-generation social-media enabled web presence you can update yourself without a web designer.

Often, the first contact we have with a business is when they are looking for an online web presence, or have had a bad experience with a hobbyist or so-called ‘expert’ who has left them in the lurch. We developed this product offering especially for you. Get started for a fraction of the cost of many web design companies with a fully-featured social media enabled Web 2.0 service that you can update yourself without having to go cap-in-hand to a web designer.


These are just a few highlights of the many powerful features of our Web Presence 2.0 system

Web 2.0

Blog (with comments) included as standard
RSS feeds – syndicate your content and integrate it into your social media strategy
Categories and Tags – organise your content and make it easy to search.



An email sends a message to your customers – and not just the one you typed! An email carries many subtle clues about what type of company you are running. Free email addresses, for example, just don’t look very professional. Web Presence 2.0 includes email addresses that’ll help you send the right message.

Search Friendly

Your site’s no good if people can’t find it! Our Web Presence 2.0 lets you control the page description, search keywords and the URL to make your site Google-friendly and target your market segment accurately.

Collaboration & Delegation

Create as many user accounts as you need and assign different permissions to different users. For example, some users might have permission to create blog posts and submit them for approval, but not publish them. This is great when you need to delegate your content creation to staff or a virtual assistant.

Windows Live Writer

The ‘killer feature’ of Web Presence 2.0 is how amazingly easy it is to update your web site. Using the free, easy to use Windows Live Writer software, you have all the power of a word processing application at your finger tips. Now, updating your web site is as easy as making a blog post – and the results can be simply stunning, with embedded pictures, video, maps and hundreds of other Live Writer plug-ins to choose from.



To know if your web site is successful, you need to know who’s been using it and what they were looking for. Web Presence 2.0 comes with built-in statistics and can be easily integrated with third party analytics engines, such as Google Analytics.

What does it look like?

You’re looking at it. We adopt a practice that Microsoft calls ‘eating your own dog food’ or ‘dogfooding’ [Wikipedia]. The phrase came into being when a dog food company proclaimed that its dog food was good enough for humans to eat, and then just to prove it, they did! Here at , the ‘dogfooding’ principle is important to us. By using our own products, we can be confident that we know them really well and that they are good enough for our customers.