PayPal Billing

Tuesday April 17 2012 - , , ,

TiGra Networks is pleased to announce that we are now accepting online payments by PayPal subscription. This enables us to offer convenient monthly payments for services that we would otherwise bill annually or semi-annually. We are also able to offer some of our annually billed items at a discount. When requested by a member of TiGra Networks staff, please use one of the following PayPal buttons to create a regular payment via PayPal subscription.






Monthly £12.00   Web Presence 2.0 Hosting
Annual £120   Web Presence 2.0 Hosting, get 2 months free when paid annually in advance
One-off £10.79   GTi Telephony Setup Fee (per telephone number)
Monthly £10.79   GTi Telephony Base Package
Semiannually £59.73   GTi Telephony Base Package (£5.00 discount)
Number of mailboxes (inc VAT)
Monthly from £4.80 per mailbox   TiGra MailEssentials hosted mailbox with MailDefender
Number of mailboxes
Monthly From £3.50 per mailbox   TiGra MailDefender messaging hygeine and business continuity solution for email servers
To unsubscribe from any of the above services, click this button. Unsubscribing from any service will be construed as a request to cancel the service.

All prices include UK VAT at 20%. Payments may be made using a credit/debit card, bank direct debit or PayPal balance. All payments are processed by PayPal, we do not receive or store any of your bank details or credit card information. Any disputes will be handled by PayPal.

Clicking the Unsubscribe button cancels future payments and also cancels the service, which will cease to operate. In the case of web hosting, this will result in the web site going offline and the content/data will be deleted and will not be recoverable.

All payments made to TiGra Networks under this scheme are final and non-refundable. Missed payments may be construed as an instruction to terminate service. By purchasing any of our products and/or services, you are indicating your agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Business.