Lost your phone?

Tuesday January 15 2013 - , , , ,

I saw this on Facebook recently (its not a direct quote but the essence is accurate and it’s a real incident):

Lost my phone last week, they’re sending me a new SIM but I need you all to resend me your phone numbers.

Losing a phone is just not an issue with our MailExchange service, because your contacts, calendar and email are stored in the cloud, on exchange servers. Just enter your email address and password on your new phone and you’re up and running in a few moments. The same information is also available on your PC in Outlook, or from any web browser with internet access, in case you need access to it while waiting for your new phone. No more having different information on different devices and no more lost contacts!

Just for good measure, when the worst happens, log into your Outlook Anywhere web page and remote-wipe your old phone to protect your information from unwelcome eyes.

Losing your mobile device should be nothing more than a temporary inconvenience. What would happen to your information if you lost your phone today? How would that impact your business?