Cheap Modern Backup Strategy for Home Users and Startups

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I’ve never liked the idea of online backup. Specifically, because it is billed by the Gigabyte, this acts as a massive disincentive to back everything up. Backup services typically cost in the order of £1 per Gigabyte. Sometimes it is more or less, or sold in chunks of 10 Gigabytes or some other multiple. Nevertheless, there is a direct correlation between the amount backed up and the cost. This results in users backing up as little as possible and certainly omitting the operating system and anything that may be perceived as a ‘system file’. The result is less like a backup and more like an off...

Mail Exchange Terms of Service updated

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We have published revision 8 of our terms and conditions for our MailExchange service in the Legal section of our web site. You can find the updated terms at This revision corrects some errors in the document and does not materially alter the terms and conditions. The update will be binding from 1st June 2013.

How to protect your computer against dangerous Java Applets

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Due to increasing exploitation of the Java engine by bad guys, Oracle has strengthened the default security as of Java 7 Update 21, which is due for release today. As a result, you should update to Java 7 Update 21 as soon as possible, to protect yourself from dangerous Java applets. The slight down-side of this change is that it means you will get more prompts. Always read those security prompts and if you don't know what it is, don't allow it to run. More information from Microsoft Malware Protection Center . Thanks to Susan Bradley for the heads-up....

Bad Customer Service: Why Being Right is Not Enough

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Every now and then I encounter a situation with another business that results in me thinking “How could they be so stupid?” I’ve just had an unhappy dealing with such a business. In this case it is a company that sells add-on modules for a PBX (telephone) system. I purchased a module on the strength of a blog post announcing its availability and some of the features sounded pretty neat. There’s a free open-source equivalent that does more-or-less the same thing, but I wanted to support the company because they produce some pretty useful free software, so I decided to purchase the module rather...

Lost your phone?

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I saw this on Facebook recently (its not a direct quote but the essence is accurate and it’s a real incident): Lost my phone last week, they’re sending me a new SIM but I need you all to resend me your phone numbers. Losing a phone is just not an issue with our MailExchange service, because your contacts, calendar and email are stored in the cloud, on exchange servers. Just enter your email address and password on your new phone and you’re up and running in a few moments. The same information is also available on your PC in Outlook, or from any web browser with internet access, in case you need...

Terms of Business Online

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We’ve started posting our service agreements and terms of business online. the home page for this category of content is and we’ll be asking our customers to check there periodically for any updates. Once you’re at the home page, if your browser supports RSS feeds (Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 do) then you should be able to subscribe to the category feed right in your browser by clicking the orange RSS icon. Or, you can add this URL to your favourite RSS reader: Our first two documents are: General Terms of Business...

When is a Megabyte Not a Megabyte?

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The answer is complicated, but in general the simple answer is: whenever someone is trying to sell you something. There is a notable exception that we’ll discuss shortly....

Visual Studio 2012 Express–Now even better for hobbyists

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For the last decade or so, Microsoft had made its excellent developer tools available for free to anyone with an internet connection. The so-called Express editions have targeted a specific language (C Sharp, Visual Basic) or web development....

Stupid Email Disclaimers

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Enough with the stupid email disclaimers already! The article “ Stupid Email Disclaimers and The Stupid Users That Use Them ” at sums up my feelings on this subject nicely: “We thought it would be a fad. Ok, we hoped it would be a fad, destined to go away as quickly as it came. Unfortunately, those worthless e-mail legal disclaimers still pollute the internet. Written by overzealous lawyers that don't seem to realize the stupidity futility of their effort, poorly worded legal gibberish tries to force you into binding contracts to protect their careless mistakes. One of their employees...

Rescue Time

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No, not the title of a Doctor Who episode. Time management in business is a huge challenge for many – I know it is for me. Always there is more to be done while the time available seems to shrink. In our new digital lives, there is a cacophony of noise seeking to win and keep our attention. A wise main said , “measure twice, cut once”. Before one can improve time management, one needs to measure how time is being spent, so that a strategy can be developed based upon hard evidence. Here’s how to gather that evidence....