ASCOM Developers FAQ

Monday July 25 2011 -

How Do I Access the ASCOM Source Code?

If you're new to ASCOM development, please remember to look over the Developer section of the ASCOM web site.

The source code for the ASCOM Platform resides at SourceForge. It can be found at – please go there for instructions on how to obtain the source.

If you are working on an ASCOM related project that is not part of the platform, then you may be looking for the ASCOM-Contrib repository that is curated by Tigra Astronomy.

ASCOM-Contrib uses the Subversion source code control system. You can browse the files in your web browser for casual access, vut if you need to obtain a complete copy of a project, you'll need an appropriate Subversion client.

For read-only access to ASCOM-Contrib, please use a username of guest and a password of guest. If you need write access then please raise a support ticket by emailing and explain what you need.

One of the first things you should do upon gaining access to the source, is to look in the Patterns and Practices folder, where you'll find (amongst other things) a getting started guide to using the ASCOM development servers and recommendations for which software to use.

When setting up your Subversion client, the repository root for ASCOM-Contrib is:

Each project is in its own top-level folder, and within each project there is the typical Subversion project structure of /trunk, /branches and /tags. When checking out a project, please be sure to checkout only the /trunk folder. If you check out the project root folder, you will likely get many duplicate copies that could result in a very large and unnecessary download.

--Tim Long, Tigra Astronomy, April 2013