About TiGra Astronomy

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About TiGra Astronomy

Welcome to TiGra Astronomy

TiGra Astronomy is a scientific division of that offers software, equipment and consulting services for astronomers.

We support The ASCOM Initiative and we produce ASCOM drivers for telescopes, observatory domes, focusers, cameras, filter wheels, switch control gear and other robotic automation equipment. We accept commissions from end users and equipment vendors alike.

We also offer observatory commissioning and consulting services for those who need help automating their equipment, or commercialising it for profit.

Our software and custom control equipment is in use at organizations such as the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Kingsland Observatory, NASA, Slooh.com and many amateur and hobbyist observatories around the world.


ASCOM-150x175_thumb[1]Supporting the Community

We take a proactive role in supporting and developing the ASCOM Platform, which enables easy interoperability between astronomy software and devices. We host and maintain the open-source development servers for The ASCOM Initiative, you can find them at:

Source code control (subversion using VisualSVN Server) http://svn.tigranetworks.co.uk/svn/ASCOM/
Issue tracking & project management (Atlassian Jira) http://teamserver.tigranetworks.co.uk:8010
Continuous integration build and unit testing (JetBrains TeamCity) http://teamserver.tigranetworks.co.uk/



Current Products Available for Purchase

ASCOM Telescope driver for AWR Microstep Drive System

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